Hurricane Risks

Hurricanes are responsible for the majority of insured losses worldwide, incurring billions of dollars of losses annually. Quantitatively accurate assessment of wind risk is essential for insurance and re-insurance businesses and for emergency management planning. WindRiskTech takes the science of wind risk assessment to a new level, applying the latest advances in the understanding of hurricane physics to accurately model wind, rain, and storm surge hazards.

Risk Modeling

WindRiskTech is a hurricane risk modeling company that applies advanced mathematical modeling to generate many thousands of hurricane tracks from coarse-grained climate data generated using recent climate analyses or from projections of future climate states made using state-of-the-art global climate models. These tracks can be generated for any part of the globe and are then used to assess wind, rain, and surge hazards and associated probable losses.


The WindRiskTech team is professionally involved in tropical cyclone and risk assessment research, actively publishing in peer-reviewed journals and attending scientific meetings. We are developing advanced hydrodynamic surge models fast enough to calculate surges from our very large hurricane events sets but accurate enough to compete with current state-of-the-art surge models. We are the first organization to develop the capability of assessing tropical cyclone rain-related flood risks from large event sets.